Information regarding Covid-19 and massage therapy practice.


Q. Is Massage Works still open?

A. No. Massage Works has suspended all practice until further notice.

Q. Are you still providing workplace massage therapy?

A. No. All workplace massage therapy in small to medium size organisations and corporate massage therapy within large organisations has been suspended until further notice.

Q. What steps will you take in future to help protect your clients?

A. Massage Works is continuing to use safe and hygienic practice as per normal best practice procedures as are both The Healthy Life Centre and Therap-Ease clinic locations.

Massage Works uses fresh sheets and towels for each client.

The face cradle is covered with a disposable face cover which is changed between each client.

The massage table and face cradle are sanitised between each client.

Ventilation is kept as healthy as possible.

Therapists and staff at each clinic are ensuring the regular and thorough cleaning of communal areas and commonly touched surface areas such as door handles.

Thorough and regular best practice hand washing procedures are in place as normal.

Clients with any flu like symptoms are being asked to reschedule their appointment for a later date.

Clients will be asked if they have recently travelled and they may be asked to reschedule, even if they do not present with symptoms.

Clear records are, as always, taken confidentially and securely stored, so that people may be contacted if there is need to do so.

I will not be working if I am feeling unwell.

Q. Should I go ahead and arrange a massage for future?

Massage practice is suspended until further notice. You can purchase a voucher online at The Healthy Life Centre website if you wish however will not be able to make an appointment until we have an opening date. When we are allowed to re-open, I would follow the guidelines below, as we will still be working in an environment where the virus is active so will still need to minimise risk of infection.

Please be aware that this advice is being given by Massage Works based on recommendations from various authorities however these are recommendations only, you may find that practice differs slightly between individual therapists.

A. If you feel well, have no symptoms, have not recently travelled abroad and have not been in close contact with anyone who has been ill or recently travelled abroad then yes, please do keep your appointment.

If you are feeling unwell, no. It is advisable to reschedule for a minimum of 14 days time.

This applies to any viral infection such as a cold as you could make the therapist or other clients unwell. It is especially important now as, even though your symptoms may not mean that you have Covid-19, passing the common cold onto another person could compromise their immune system and leave them more susceptible to this new strain of virus. Also, massage can make some cold and flu symptoms worse.

If you have recently travelled from a moderate to high risk country but show no symptoms, no. Wait for at least 14 days before having a massage. You may have no or very mild symptoms but you could put other people at risk by visiting the clinic. 

Remember, there are many people who use massage therapy to help them manage the symptoms of chronic illness and these people may have compromised immune systems already.

If you are a client who has an underlying health condition and you are concerned about leaving the house or using a shared space, I would say that Massage Works is doing everything possible to keep you safe. You may wish to seek the advice of your GP. You may also want to check information form the World Health Organisation, NHS, Prevention for Public Health Emergency or Centres for Disease Control.

Rest assured that Massage Works is doing everything possible to look after each individual client. Massage therapy is still good for you, it still works, and it still provides a reassuring and calm space which is something that I think is important for us all right now.

If you have any questions regarding this or any massage related subject you are welcome to contact me here using either the 'Contact Now' button below or the chat box in the bottom right hand corner. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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